Brief List of items provided by S. K. Labware

1. All types of Furnaces (Specially designed as per requirement of Customers).
2. All types of metals (Power as well as Granules) 99.999 % Purety [Sigma Aldrich, Alpha Assar
3. Cotton, Acetone, Hexane, Butane, HF, H2SO4 and all other chemicals as per demand.
4. Silica Tube (Different Diameters).
5. Quartz Tube (Different Diameters).
6. Agate (As per demand).
7. Crucible (Graphite, Alumina of different shape: As per demand).
8. Metal Hydride Battery Accessories (As required).
9. Tantalum Sheet and Platinum Sheet/Rod
10. Nano material research related materials and Equipments like CVD etc.(as per demand
We are committed to provide world class equipments and materials to Indian Research Laboratories to
achieve World Class Research Environment in INDIA.