About The S.K. Labware

S.K. Labware is the Best Quality Lab Equipment Provider Company. Which is also known for the top quality highly reliable product.
S.K. Labware manufactures so many types of Lab Equipment such as Laboratory Furnace, 3-D Printer, Powder Compaction Die, Alumina, and Quartz tubes, Alumina & Quartz Lab Wares and so many products which are given in the product detail. if you have requirements best reliable lab equipment in the market, then you can definitely try the S.K. Labware for the best services. Trust on S.K. Labware, we will never give you a chance to complain.
S.K. Labware provides All types of equipment made by highly skilled educated Employees. The Products provided by S.K. Labware are more durable and Reliable which Provide Very High Precise value at the experimental conditions. Always the high quality of our product which is produced by us is one of our biggest priorities. S.K. Labware is committed to lab materials particularly for research laboratories across the country as well as abroad and never loaded on customer’s pockets.
“Our Main Goal is Customers Satisfaction and Manufacture of High-Quality Research Lab Equipments“.


S.K. Labware will provide the highest quality end product to our customers while striving to make them the leader in their respective research fields.


To provide sophisticated equipment at an economical cost.
To improve research Environment in educational / research institute.
To improve the lifestyle of the common people particularly in the rural area across the world by providing our equipment to the research
scientists for doing innovations and inventions.

Directors of The Company

Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey

( M.Sc, Ph.D Physics BHU )

Mr. Sushil Kumar Pandey


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