Hydraulic Press

Laboratory hydraulic press producing a force about 25 tones use to make high-quality Pallets used for IR/FTIR/XRF Solid Sampling.
Laboratory Hydraulic Pellet Press is a compact, elegant and robust machine, typically used by R&D & QC labs. The high pressure
pumping unit supplies hydraulic fluid to the up stroking ram of the cylinder.
Standard Features
 The pressing Cycle has both Auto and Manual modes whereas the Ejection cycle has only
Manual (Inching) mode
 Desired Pressure is set on manual pressure switch & actual pressure indicated by made
to order pressure gauge (indicator)
 Pressure hold time can be set on the timer provided on the front panel
 Settable parameters: – pressure, hold time & ram retracting time.
 Safety mechanisms to avoid overpressure and excessive ram stroke
 A transparent Polycarbonate safety guard has been provided in the area of operation.
 Emergency Stop Button to the cut-off electrical supply (if required)
Technical Data
 Overall weight: 125 kg.
 Max. Working Pressure: 165 Kg/sq.cm.
 Electric Supply: 230 V AC Mains



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