High Temperature Chamber Furnaces (1200oC-1600oC)

A range of advanced high-temperature general-purpose chamber furnaces for use in both laboratory and light production applications.

Furnace 1200oC – 1400oC

These models have continuous operating temperatures of 1350° C and 1400°C. These furnaces are made from a low thermal mass ceramic fiber insulation and silicon carbide elements, which radiate heat directly onto the workpiece, provide rapid heating and cooling and low running costs. Recrystallized / Reaction bonded SiC elements at optimum surface loading arranged in series-parallel arrangement ensure long working life and are able to withstand the stresses of intermittent operation.

The swivel type door opens outwards keeping the hot face insulation away from the operator. The furnace door entrance is made from wear-resistant Alumina bricks to enhance performance. The use of double skin construction allows natural air convection to maintain a cool outer case for maximum operating safety and comfort at the highest temperatures of operation.

These units are fired using specially developed power supplies to take care of varying resistance of SiC. elements with time and temperature of operation. Over-temperature protection is available as optional.



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