Laboratory Chamber Furnace (750oC-1200oC)

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Optional Extras

Metal retorts – A variety of metal retorts are available for use with this range of furnaces. This type of retort is generally used to cater for the following process conditions:

a. To maintain controlled atmospheres within the heated chamber;

b. To protect the heating elements and insulation from chemical attack by aggressive volatiles given off by fluxes, acids, etc.

Four-sided heating – This option upgrades the standard two-sided heating to four-sided heating and is recommended in the following circumstances:

a. For use with metal retorts and ceramic liners;

b. To improve chamber temperature uniformity to meet specific
process requirements;

c. To uprate the furnace power to cope with large loads.

R-Type thermocouple – This option upgrades the standard K Type (mineral insulated inside Inconel sheath) thermocouple to R-Type thermocouple and is recommended if the furnace is going to be used continuously at 1200oC.

Over-temperature protection – This option is recommended to protect valuable content & for unattended operation.

Data logging and remote-controlled controllers – A range of sophisticated digital controllers, multi-segment programmers, and data loggers is available. These can be fitted with RS232 and RS485.


A robust range of laboratory furnaces, providing an excellent level of versatility without compromising quality, safety or reliability.

All units in this range have a continuous operating temperature of 1200°C. Heating is provided by two side-wall free radiating elements manufactured from original Swedish Kanthal high-temperature resistance wire spirals supported on recrystallized Alumina tubes for optimum uniformity. Free radiating elements provide the option of fast heating the furnace up to 20oC/min.

The special swivel type door opens outwards keeping the hot face insulation away from the operator. All units use vacuum-formed fiberboard low thermal mass insulation for fast, accurate heating and cooling. The use of double skin construction allows natural air convection to maintain a cool outer case. An exhaust chimney is fitted on an optional basis.
Furnace entrance door is made from hard-wearing Alumina bricks to handle wear over a long life. Modular design with easy access to elements & controls simplifies maintenance & servicing.

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